How The UK’s Best Vintage Party Band Got Started

Our story starts back in 2012.

I had just returned from to the UK after spending a couple of years living it up on the beautiful island of Malta. I was spending my days on the beach and evening singing in the hotels around the island! “Not a bad life!” I telepathically hear you say! However, there is nowhere quite like home, and I was missing good old Blighty!

It had been a long held ambition of mine to one day have my own fully live band (being a solo singer can get pretty lonely!). The idea originally was to set up a traditional swing band, playing the typical ‘Rat Pack’ and Michael Buble style swing. It has always been popular with weddings and events and I am a big lover of Swing music and thought it might be fun!

I teamed up with a good friend of mine who was a brilliant pianist and music arranger. We spent time putting together an incredible line up of highly trained Jazz musicians from the nearby Leeds Collage of Music (renowned nationwide for its jazz music program).

We spent a few months doing some gigs, and although they all went well and people seemed to enjoy it, there was definitely something missing..

The problem was, even for the biggest swing music lovers like myself, at a wedding or event, people want to have a drink, and let themselves go. Two hours of just big band music, doesn’t really encourage people to really let rip!

At this point I had the idea to mix the swing music up with my other big music passions, 1950’s Rock & Roll and 1960’s Soul. I thought the combination of vintage eras and genres would be really fun, keep people on their toes, and most importantly it would be unique. I have come across so many other swing bands and soul bands, but nobody who mixes these genres together and in the way I wanted to do it.


The New Vintage Band Was Born

We launched this new show as ‘The New Vintage Band’, and marketed the band for Vintage weddings and events which back in 2012/2013 was a hugely growing trend.

The Show

The Vintage Band Show was made up of two hours of the biggest hits of the vintage genres, with songs made famous by artistes such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson, Louis Prima, Bill Haley and many more… Songs that also featured in famous movies like ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Back to the future’ etc. Yes, they are old songs, but songs that everybody knows, that are feel good songs, and that anybody can get up and dance to!


The UK’s BUSIEST Vintage Wedding Band

Well things very quickly went crazy! With vintage weddings and events becoming more and more popular, within one year we jumped up to around 80 – 90 gigs a year! This was unheard of for a band who play a niche style of music and don’t play modern pop songs!

We were in demand all over the UK, and we were storming every gig! Packed dance floors became the norm!

And not just vintage weddings, we were playing at Hotels, Casinos, Corporate Events, Festivals and for all sorts of Events.

More Recentley?

Over the last Six years we have continued to be very busy, we have changed some songs around, but the make up of the show is still very much the same. With every event we learn and gain more experience. We are now very much experts at wedding entertainment and can offer a lot of advice for getting the most out of your entertainment!

The biggest changes have been within our team. Our line up has changed significantly as musicians have moved on to other projects, or moved into teaching. This has lead us to a new lease of energy as we have brought in younger, fresher musicians who share in my passion for this great music. They bring with them a tonne of energy and charisma as well as huge musical talent.

Re-Birth and Retro Revolution!

In 2018 We decided it was time to freshen things up a little. With the building of a new website, and creating new videos and photos, we decided to go another step and re-name the band. After a lot of deliberation we finally settled on Retro Revolution! We thought it sounded more fun and fits better with our high energy, fun performance on stage.

The Future?

We hope to continue as the UK’s best vintage wedding band, not just for vintage themed weddings but also bringing awesome music and showmanship to all types of weddings.

We love what we do, we love playing an important part in the most important day of peoples lives and nothing makes us more proud than when clients say to us;

You made our wedding night so special, it wouldn’t have been the same without you”

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