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Thank you for wanting to proceed with a booking with Retro Revolution!.

Hopefully by now you have been in touch and discussed your date and needs and are now happy to book with us.

Booking is easy, just follow the five simple steps below.

Step One

Read Our Terms and Conditions

Yes…it’s a little boring, but very important. The terms below allow us to do our job to the best of our ability and give you the most amazing entertainment experience, with no hick ups!

1. The supplier (aka The Band) are responsible for their own National Insurance, TAX and VAT due from the above

2. All parties to this contract are responsible for their own public liability insurance and relevant equipment safety
documentation if required by law.

3. ‘To confirm your booking and secure your date in our diary, we require a ‘Non-Refundable Booking Retainer’ to be paid in advance. The ‘Booking Retainer’ is equal to 15% of the total fee (based on the options you have chosen). This is to cover the bands costs leading up to your booking date, and to show your commitment to the booking. If the booking and performance go ahead, the ‘Booking Retainer’ will count towards your final payment, leaving only the remaining 85% to pay. If you ‘The Booker’ choose to cancel the booking after 14 days of paying the ‘Booking Retainer’, it will not be refunded. If you choose to cancel this booking within 14 days of paying the ‘Booking Retainer’, a full refund will be given.

4. Cancellation Terms For Booker. If in the event that you ‘The Booker’ choose to cancel this booking, you will be liable to pay a percentage of the remaining fee as a ‘Cancellation Fee’. This is to compensate the supplier (The Band) for lost earnings resulting directly from your cancellation. Cancellation up to four weeks prior to the performance will be obliged to pay 100% of the remaining contracted fee. Cancellation between four and twelve weeks are obliged to pay 75% of the remaining fee. Cancellation between twelve and twenty four weeks are obliged to pay 50% of the remaining fee. Cancellation between twenty four weeks and forty eight weeks from the performance date will be responsible to pay 25% of the remaining fee. Cancellations over forty eight weeks from the performance date will not pay any cancellation fee.

5. In the event that the performance is cancelled by the supplier (The Band), any payments made will be refunded in full including the ‘Booking Retainer’. Cancellation by the supplier will only be as a very last resort, in exceptional circumstances, and every reasonable effort will be made to fulfill the booking.

6. The supplier (Band) will provide all relevant equipment needed to carry out the performance e.g PA equipment, lighting and instruments.

7. At the venue the band will need a power supply (at least 2 x 13 amp plug sockets minimum), a room for changing
and storing personal belongings, and a designated area for parking (3-4 cars) MUST be provided.

8. If the only parking available is charged parking, any parking fees will need to be paid for by you the booker or
reimbursed to the band.

9. The band will need to be fed during the evening. Ideally a hot meal, however sandwiches or permission to join the
guests with the evening buffet/other food option will also be fine. The band will also need drinking water available
throughout the night although soft drinks and tea and coffee would be greatly appreciated.

10. The full fee must be paid at least one week prior to the event. This can be paid via bank transfer or cheque. Cheques will need to be received two weeks prior to the event to allow time for the cheque to be processed.

11. The band will need a minimum of one hour set up time, directly prior to the start of the event, to load in equipment,
set up and sound check. If booking for a wedding reception this needs to be directly prior to the start of the evening

12. There may be an added cost for Early Set Up. An early set up fee will be added if the band must arrive at your
venue any earlier than 5pm. This fee will be based on your location, amount of musicians needed and how early the set up is required. Please inform us as early as possible if this will be needed so that we can discuss options and costs.

13. Any special song requests that are not part of the band’s repertoire may be arranged specially for you. This will
incur a fee to cover the cost of arranging the piece and for extra rehearsal time. Details on request.

14. The 5/6 piece band needs a performance space of at least 5 metres across by 3 metres deep. The 8/10 piece
band will need 7 metres across by 3 metres deep. If enough space is not available on the day of performance, resulting in a smaller band performance or no performance at all, no refunds will be given.

15. Under no circumstances shall event guests touch any instruments or equipment belonging to the band. The
booker will be liable to pay for any damage caused by event guests to any equipment or instruments.

16. The band can supply a microphone for speeches or announcements during your event, however, this must be
agreed with the band in advance. This only applies if the speeches/announcements are to be later than the band’s
agreed set up time. The booker is liable to pay for any accidental or malicious damage to equipment caused during

17. If the event is outdoors, suitable cover for the band must be arranged. This is to protect electrical equipment
from weather conditions such as rain and heat. The floor must also be flat, stable and even. You must make the band
aware that the event is outdoors as early as possible. If suitable cover or conditions are not available, resulting in the band not being able to perform, no refunds will be given.

18. The service we supply is intended for use in the evening, if you want to use our services earlier than 6pm you
must notify us before any booking is confirmed.

19. If your venue is fitted with a sound/noise limiter, please inform us as soon as possible. This is usually not an issue
however, if the limiter is set to such a low level that it is impossible for the band to perform to their usual standard
or at all, this is out of the bands control and no refunds will be given.

Step Two

Confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We can’t go ahead with any booking until the Terms and Conditions have been agreed to. If you have any problems with any of the terms, let us know. There may be things we can work around in certain circumstances.


Do You Accept The Terms And Conditions?

Step Three

Download A Copy Of Our Terms And Conditions

Step Four

Complete the booking form. Get in touch if you have any problems at all.

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Step Five

Paying Your Booking Retainer

It should already have been explained to you that a Booking Retainer is required to confirm your booking with Retro Revolution. Now that you have agreed to the T’s and C’s and submited your booking form, we will send an invoice to you via email. The Booking Retainer can be paid by bank transfer or cheque. Details of which will be on the invoice. Once this Booking Retainer is received, we will email you a receipt and confirm that your booking is complete and your date is secured in our diary.

We’ll be in touch very soon.

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