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Upright and Electric Bass


Fergus started playing bass in his mid teens after his friends decided to form a band. He wanted to to play guitar but he was by far the worst at it and as his dad had an old bass in the house so his fate was sealed!

A few years later, he’s now an awesome upright bass player who is not only in huge demand but also earned himself a degree in music from the renowned Leeds College of Music.

He has played in a wide variety of bands all over the UK but tends to have a preference for music written quite a long time before he was born!

A recent recruit to Retro Revolution (joining in 2017), he has thoroughly enjoyed his time so far and is planning to be around for the foreseeable future!

Fun Facts:

Favorite Book? Catcher in the Rye.

Favorite Album? MC5- Kick Out the Jams.

Favorite Item Of Clothing? Chicago Cubs Baseball Cap!

Originally From? Essex

Favorite Actor? Ralph Fiennes

Party Trick? Worked as a magician in my mid teens so a fair few!

Most Embarrassing Moment? I opened for Roy Chubby Brown!


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