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Lead Vocalist and Band Leader

Phil Lyons

Phil started singing to audiences at the age of twelve, taking part in amateur theatre, continued on to stage school and finally studied performing arts and musical theatre to a Diploma level. At the age of Eighteen Phil left his home on the Wirral in Merseyside to start a career as a professional entertainer, learning his craft and honing his skills in holiday parks and hotels.

In 2012, Phil decided to set up his own live band, focusing on the music he is most passionate about. The ‘Vintage’ sounds of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. A huge Elvis Presley fan from child hood, Phil’s eclectic taste in music eventually found favorites in Jazz, Swing and Soul.

Phil loves to entertain his audience, performing with charisma, charm and with the aim to get everybody involved and sharing an experience together.

Phil is a proud family man and when he’s not travelling around the UK performing, he likes to spend time with his family.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Book? Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer.

Favorite Album? Sinatra Live At The Sands.

Favorite Item Of Clothing? My Spatz!

Most Interesting Place You Have Lived? Malta for two years.

Favorite Actor? Jim Carey

Favorite Food? A nice peak of rare steak with onion rings!

Party Trick? I’m learning to Tap Dance!…I can do a pretty good Elvis Impersonation…and I could definitely be a competitive eater!!

Favorite Song To Sing? Anything from Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserable (not at weddings obviously!)

Most Embarrassing Moment? Performing a tribute concert to Michael Buble in Malta, and actually being mistaken for Michael Buble by some crazy audience members. (Seriously… I look and sound nothing like the fella).


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