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Steve grew up in’t 90’s on the moody rolling hills of Dartmoor, Devon and has been hitting the tubs and generally making a racket since he was eight years old. In 2008 he moved to Yorkshire and in 2011 became a 1st class degree alumni (now Lecturer) of Leeds College of Music. Since graduating he has made a name for himself performing at many world renowned venues globally.

 With a passion for keeping music live, Steve provides the “Swinging” energy from the rear of the band, propelling the performance with his exhilarating vibe, which draws your dancing shoes onto the dance floor.

 You can always see him grinning away at the back of the band, a true lover and believer of the music

Fun Facts:

Favorite Book? Stig of the Dump

Favorite Album? Coltrane’s Sound

Favorite Item Of Clothing? Socks!

Favorite Pastime? Running…..yeah I’m that guy!!.

Favorite Actor? Sarah Lancashire

Favorite Food? Guacamole

Party Trick? Can fit in a babies high chair… don’t ask how we know!


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